Colorado River Adventures

Maria Resendez

Went on a 3 day getaway at Emerald Cove, really nice place, the staff very nice. Thank you Sierra B for the tour, of the resort and full detail of what Colorado Adventures has to offer! Maybe one day, we’ll be members!

Dennis Nottingham

Always a fun and relaxing time here. We love Emerald Cove

Dan West

Great place for RVing. Been a member here for over 22 years. Love it.

Ron Bartkowski

Been going here for over 20 years and have always had a great time and the staff is fantastic.

Tina Sutherland

Outstanding amenities, activities, awesome sites, including river front spots and the staff are awesome!!

KQ Ranch

Sylvia Dominguez

Love it here. Peaceful. Relaxing. We will definitely be returning.

Vicky Pinuelas

Okay so I can say about this place is like and Beyond everything is immaculate the cleaning supplies everything is the best the best of the best you will thoroughly enjoy yourself here are the dinners are great the breakfast is great the service is great you can’t go wrong.

Jeremy Netzley

Great place for the family. Plenty of things to do for the kids to be entertained and parents to be able to relax. Staff is great supper friendly.

Lisa Bartha-Aarhus

Beautiful place, excellent staff. Highly recommended for a great family adventure. Lots of options for activities. One of our favorite places we’ve stayed.

Gina Johnson

What a wonderful retreat. Staff is friendly, grounds are beautiful and the kids club coordinators are super fun and make the kid’s camping trip fun.

Ghost Mountain

Sara Dowdy

Such an amazing place! Staff is incredibly friendly. Facilities are clean and well maintained. I can’t say enough about this wonderful place.

Barbara Shattuck

Beautiful area, nice hiking trails. Variety of things things to do.

Debra Nau

What a tranquil place! My daughter got married at this location and it was absolutely beautiful. Quiet and peaceful retreat! Highly recommend!

Tiffany Hodgson

Stayed 2 weeks. 2 different cabins. Friendly and great customer service. Loved the laundry mat, the pool area was awesome and the pond had great fishing. All in all, it was a great stay and would highly recommend!! We will be returning!

Dottie Cerney

Wonderful resort! This was 3rd time there. Never disappointed. Great for families or couples.

Emerald Cove

Desiree Castillo

Family favorite! Good vibes and good people! Always meeting new friends!

Jo San

Top ten best resorts for family time there’s lots of boat launches, mini golf, pool, a bar, and kids club

Scott Lucero

Not only is it a great vacation spot it’s a well-maintained resort with good service polite staff and good food

Paul Anderberg

Great camping area along the river. Great food as well. Didn’t have to cook the whole trip because food was reasonably priced.

Jocelynn Canzoneri

Love it. Such a beautiful private RV resort. My son and I had a great time. Well needed too. Thank you Emerald Cove.

Gina D

My parents spend winter and spring here, every year. My daughter and I join them for 2 weeks and it never disappoints!! Best vacations ever!

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