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When you take a state like Nevada, and throw in ghost towns, gambling, beautiful lakes, high mountains and deserts, you can see why Nevada camping can be so exciting. With almost innumerable campgrounds all over the state, Nevada camping can be anything from remote and serene, at a lake in the mountains, to exciting and nonstop, near the lights and glamour of Las Vegas.

If you enjoy golf, just go anywhere in the state; there are golf courses in every corner and the areas in-between! The weather is a golfer’s dream. If automobile racing is your thing, you can select from one of several tracks around the state or, check out the sand dunes for off road adventures. Nevada camping makes it easy to be near the things you like to do.

The state is chock full of old mining towns and most are easily accessed from the highway and well-maintained roads. You can always add a visit to a ghost town or old mining town to your Nevada camping trip. Why not visit our Ghost Mountain Ranch Resort? Just over an hour from the Nevada state line and the gateway to South Lake Tahoe, this resort was also the set for the popular TV series “The Virginian.” With a saloon, general store, ice cream parlor and even it’s own ghost town, there are endless adventures to be had!

Any discussion of Nevada wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Las Vegas at least once. Any Nevada camping trip should at least include a stopover in Las Vegas. The city has much to offer for the kids and the grown ups, even if you don’t care to gamble!

Next time you want a new adventure, give Nevada camping a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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