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Would you like to see the London Bridge? It may be closer than you think! If you’re looking for great campgrounds in Arizona or California, the Lake Havasu camping opportunities may be exactly what you’re looking for.

One of the best known landmarks on Lake Havasu is the London Bridge. It’s modeled after the famous bridge in England and provides a backdrop for incredible water sports.

Lake Havasu is one of the many lakes created along the mighty Colorado River, and Colorado River Adventures brand of Lake Havasu camping makes it one of the best campgrounds in Arizona. The Parker Dam is credited with holding back the water for the lake. Campers can reach Lake Havasu camping areas from both the Arizona and California sides, making the lake a popular attraction for both tourists and those who live nearby. Think you can’t find something to do on Lake Havasu? Take a look at some of the things that attract visitors to the lake.

The water is made more beautiful simply by the location. Those who have seen the Colorado River in the northern part of the US may have images of muddy water filled with silt. At Lake Havasu, the water has undergone some serious filtration in the form of several major dams. The result is crystal clear water with an incredible blue hue, simply inviting everyone to enjoy Lake Havasu camping, including the Havasu Springs Resort or any of the other campgrounds in Arizona and California based on Lake Havasu.

World-class water recreation. You’ll find that the London Bridge is only one of the many backgrounds that make skiing, personal watercraft, boating and swimming a pleasure. You may find that you’re spending so much time in the beautiful water areas that you have little time for the amenities of the Lake Havasu RV resort. With almost a dozen marinas on the lake, there are plenty of opportunities for renting boats and watercraft, and for obtaining fuel and services for privately-owned watercraft.

The fact that Arizona has fairly temperate weather year round makes camping in and around Arizona an option for any season. Take a look at some other activities available at Lake Havasu and other campgrounds in Arizona.

Hiking and biking. The beautiful wooded areas are the perfect place to experience Arizona nature at its fullest. From the spring blossoms to the golds of fall, you’ll have a different experience on hiking and biking trails in every season.

Add to the picture the city of Lake Havasu, located on the banks of the lake and conveniently near Lake Havasu RV parks, and you’ve got plenty of additional attractions. Take an evening to take in some of the natural history, have dinner at one of the city’s establishments or check out the shopping opportunities. And you might be surprised to learn that the London Bridge is truly a landmark – the original bridge that crossed the Thames River in England for decades was sold to the founder of Lake Havasu City at a total cost of some $7.5 million.

When it comes to campgrounds in Arizona, you’ll find that Lake Havasu camping provides a variety of opportunities, with something bound to attract your attention.

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